Bulgenslag | Frithjof Blaasch

photo by David Dollmann

Frithjof Blaasch | 32 | Kiel, Northern Germany | Social Worker | Photography & Video | Freelancer
Exhibition at MUT(H) zur Kunst (Kiel | GER) | 2022
4th Place FOTO HITS Fotowettbewerb "Wassersport" | 2021
Exhibition at KANT Festival (DK) | 2021
1st Place "Fotowettbewerb Stadtwerke Kiel Mittendrin" | 2019
1st Place "WINDSURFERS Videowettbewerb by Panasonic" | 2018
One of the winners "Fotowettbewerb für den VR-Bank Kalender" | 2018
Finalist "Cold Hawaii Film Festival" | 2017

Foiling Magazin
Sailloft Hamburg
Severne Windsurfing
SURF Magazin / SUP Magazin
Windflüchter Surfboards
Wingsurfers Magazin
Photo: Dominik Röckl
In recent years, my photos have attracted more and more attention. This is probably due to the special perspective as well as the fact that most of my photos are taken in the North Sea and Baltic Sea. We don't have a real groundswell, it's often very grey and the water isn't really clear, but taking good photos under these difficult conditions motivates me again and again. In the end, it's also about being in the water as much as possible. I am grateful for the opportunities to show my pictures to the public and to present my project BULGENSLAG in online & print media...
2022 | WINGSURFERS Magazin
Portrait/Gallery in the german WINGSURFERS magazine over 8 pages. Thanks to Dirk Herpel for the interview!

Interview in Windsurf-Onlinemagazine WINDSURFERS. Thanks for the introduction and the good questions Mathias Genkel.
2019 | SURF Magazin
Portrait/Gallery in europe's biggest windsurfing print magazine over 8 pages. Many thanks for the kind words to the author Steffi Wahl.
2019 | FH Kiel
When I won a photo competition in 2019, my university asked for an interview with me, primarily about the competition itself but also about how my studies can be combined with photography.
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